Sunday: The Light of His Love

The Advent Wreath is a tradition that the Church has practiced for centuries! Each Sunday of Advent another candle is lit in honor of what Christ brought to us by becoming the incarnate God. 

The ring, often made of evergreen leaves, represents eternity. The love of Christ is not temporary, but is ours forever. 

Take a moment of silence to focus your thoughts. 


the candle of Hope.


We thank you Jesus for being our hope.


The candle of Love.


We light the candle of Love. In lighting this candle we recognize God’s love for us and the call to love others. God engaged with us in love by entering into our suffering, born as a baby, living as we live. He has called us, as his children, to engage in the lives of those around us; so that we might carry his love to all people. 


A prayer of thanksgiving to God for providing Love through Jesus.

A prayer of request that you might be a bringer of Love to your neighbors this Advent season.