Doubt- A Poem About My Wandering Soul


Accusation fights me in a battle for truth.
You have saved me, yet I wonder.
You are the Way, yet I wander.

Was that really God? My memories weaken.
You are present, yet I wonder.
You call my name, yet I wander.

Perhaps this is all too crazy. I entertain.
You have given me life, yet I wonder.
You are the Truth, yet I wander.

Am I a fool, too far gone to keep believing?
You meet me in the darkness, yet I wonder.
You light me a path, yet I wander.

Don’t think, just escape. I whisper.
You offer me your strength, yet I wonder.
You never leave me, yet I wander.

This is too hard, I feel like fading.
You extend new mercies, yet I wonder.
You carry my yolk, yet I wander.

What is this? This place is empty. 
Was he ever here? I start to wonder.
Through the garden, I start to wander.

The flowers seem dim, and I am alone.
What has happened to my wonder?
How much longer can I wander?

“I have found you,” I hear softly.
How could you still love me, I wonder.
“From my love you cannot wander.”

He is the God who chases me.
How could I not follow him, I wonder.
Back to His path I wander. 

Along this path, I find life has color.
How did I ever doubt, I wonder.
Lord, from this life may I not wander.

The Shepherd leads the flock.
To him each sheep maintains her wonder.
He pursues all that wander. 


To those of you who doubt: you are not alone. The Good News, the Gospel of love, salvation, and life is for you. May Lent reconnect you with the greatest reality, the loveliest truth, and the hope of God's ever-present pursuit of his wandering sheep. 

Answer these questions:

How did I worship God this week?

How did I rebel against God this week?

In what ways will I commit to seeking His Kingdom purposes in this coming week?