Sunday: The Light of His Joy

The Advent Wreath is a tradition that the Church has practiced for centuries! Each Sunday of Advent another candle is lit in honor of what Christ brought to us by becoming the incarnate God. 

The ring, often made of evergreen leaves, represents eternity. The Joy found in the promises of our God will last forever. 

Take a moment of silence to focus your thoughts. 


The candle of Hope.


We thank you, Jesus, for being our hope.


The candle of Love.


We thank you, Jesus, for loving us. 


The candle of Joy. 


We light the candle of Joy. Joy is more than happiness. It cannot be stolen or crushed by circumstances, but endures because it is rooted in God’s eternal goodness. Joy is a marker found in all of those who have chosen to truly trust God with their lives. 


A prayer of thanksgiving to God for providing Joy through Jesus.

A prayer of request that you might be a bringer of Joy  to your neighbors this Advent season. 

Tuesday: Pray for Joy

Lord our Light, 

The pressure of the season surrounds us. Our facades of fake joy crumble as we experience the stress that comes with our cultural expectations. We try and try and try to find joy apart from you, to find identity in ourselves and not in You. We concern ourselves with the shadows as you beckon us towards the light. 

Have mercy on us, Lord. 

When we run towards performance and pageantry, help us to seek knownness, vulnerability, and intimacy. Show us how to trust that the Light is far greater than the dark and guide us away from the shadows.   

You are the Light of the world. Help us to believe and live out that truth in this Advent season. May the joy of your eternal gladness forever be proclaimed, even in the midst of darkness. To you be all glory and honor and praise.