Easter People

We are a paradox people.
We look at loss of prizes,
But by our cries of desperation,
God Almighty rises.

The world in search of power,
Sometimes within our titles,
But those who are the remnant,
Are found kneeling for survival.

“Hosannah” is the battle cry,
Not vengeance but request,
That God himself would save us-
He alone ease our distress.

We do not march with fear,
But with holy recognition,
That without his saving grace,
Ours is a hopeless condition.

He climbed the hill stripped naked,
Spat on and disgraced.
He gasped for breath and whispered
On his murderers, God’s grace.

All man considered holy,
Was finally exposed,
As fruitless acts of godlessness-
Stem of thorns without a rose.

Unprepared in a borrowed tomb,
His body lay in death.
Scattered were those close to him,
Confined to sabbath rest.

How could one rest without him?
Impossible endeavor.
Uncertain of the past,
And uncertain of forever.

“Hosannah” in her rising.
“Hosannah” in her care.
She gathered what she needed.
For death she was prepared.

Her heart already broken,
She clung to what she knew.
The air escaped her grieving lungs,
“Hosanna! Where are you?”

“Alive” was her answer.
The lips of angels reached her.
The start of something beautiful,
This world’s first Christian preacher.

This truth brought hope and fear,
It was Jesus that she needed.
Overwhelmed she wept until,
“Mary,” her King greeted. 

This tomb was meant for death.
This garden marked with sadness.
But God restores the shattered,
And gives us hope of gladness. 

If you are entering this Easter
Carrying burial preparations,
Certain evils can’t be changed,
No faith in restoration-

Set down your baskets and behold,
Christ, on whom you can rely.
He greets, by name, the mourning,
Feasting with those whose lips deny.

“Hosanna!” We are here.
We’re blessed because you hear us.
Though evil tempts with worldly gain,
We’ll chose to have you near us. 

Rejoice for he is Risen! 
Our King is risen indeed. 
His Spirit expanding his Kingdom,
Through those still in great need.

He will meet you when you seek him,
His expectations gracious.
His table has a place for you,
For the desperate, seats are spacious.


We are Easter People. The Kingdom of those reborn by the resurrection. 

Gather your people.

Raise your glasses. 

The Toasts of Easter Feaster

(Based on the 4 cups of the Passover Meal.)

The first toast is the toast of Sanctification. Now is a time to raise your glass and share a way you have been sanctified this year. Do you feel set apart by God? How so? How has God assured you that he is still active in your life?

The second toast is the toast of Salvation. What have you been saved from? Maybe it's a bad habit or sin that you are no longer enslaved by. Maybe it's a toxic mindset that you have been freed from. Maybe God spared you from a consequence you deserved. Tell us, how has Jesus saved you?

The third toast is the toast of Redemption. God makes broken things beautiful and revives dry bones. What has God redeemed in your life this year? Did you have any truly terrible things made beautiful by the presence of the Creator? What has been turned around in your life this year? What has been mended?

The fourth toast is the toast of Hope and Restoration. This is the toast of Kingdom still to come. We raise our glasses and say, "I believe God will make all things new, and once again, mankind and God will walk together in the garden." Proclaim your hopeful expectations. What do you long for that you know will come to pass when Jesus returns?

In a final toast, raise your glasses all together and say, "We praise you, Jesus. You are our King, our Savior, our Redeemer, and our God. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come. Hallelujah!"

Doubt- A Poem About My Wandering Soul


Accusation fights me in a battle for truth.
You have saved me, yet I wonder.
You are the Way, yet I wander.

Was that really God? My memories weaken.
You are present, yet I wonder.
You call my name, yet I wander.

Perhaps this is all too crazy. I entertain.
You have given me life, yet I wonder.
You are the Truth, yet I wander.

Am I a fool, too far gone to keep believing?
You meet me in the darkness, yet I wonder.
You light me a path, yet I wander.

Don’t think, just escape. I whisper.
You offer me your strength, yet I wonder.
You never leave me, yet I wander.

This is too hard, I feel like fading.
You extend new mercies, yet I wonder.
You carry my yolk, yet I wander.

What is this? This place is empty. 
Was he ever here? I start to wonder.
Through the garden, I start to wander.

The flowers seem dim, and I am alone.
What has happened to my wonder?
How much longer can I wander?

“I have found you,” I hear softly.
How could you still love me, I wonder.
“From my love you cannot wander.”

He is the God who chases me.
How could I not follow him, I wonder.
Back to His path I wander. 

Along this path, I find life has color.
How did I ever doubt, I wonder.
Lord, from this life may I not wander.

The Shepherd leads the flock.
To him each sheep maintains her wonder.
He pursues all that wander. 


To those of you who doubt: you are not alone. The Good News, the Gospel of love, salvation, and life is for you. May Lent reconnect you with the greatest reality, the loveliest truth, and the hope of God's ever-present pursuit of his wandering sheep. 

Answer these questions:

How did I worship God this week?

How did I rebel against God this week?

In what ways will I commit to seeking His Kingdom purposes in this coming week?